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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Screened Tent For Camping

screened tent for campingScreened tents can be used in so many ways that it can be hard to know what to look for in one or even where to start. Not only are they advantageous when it’s mosquito season, but they also can be used to protect camping furniture. These tents will shelter you from the sun on hot summer days and offer you shelter from the rain when it’s wet. However, shopping for one can become quite hectic if you are not careful.

With so many screened tent models to choose from, what exactly should one look for? The decision you make will mainly depend on the number of people going camping. If you plan on going as a group, you will probably need a tent that is big enough to house not only you but also your stuff.

Once you’ve determined the size of tent you want, take the time to consider the quality and integrity of the tent’s construction. When looking at different tent options, check each tent’s seams. Go for something that has tight seals with no gaps. Also, check all zippers and make sure that they are easy to use and that they do not snag or catch when using them.

Also, make sure that the tent’s mesh is small enough to deter insects from entering. Do not forget to grab some extra poles and stakes for emergencies. Another feature to consider when looking for a dependable screened tent is UV protection. Before settling for any tent, find out if its fabric is UV protected.

Cost is another factor to consider. Since there are plenty of models and brands in the market, tent costs will range from cheap to expensive. While your budget will mainly determine the option you go for, it is advisable that you get a tent that is relatively priced yet made of sturdy and quality material.

Camping is a great experience and having a tent you can rely on should keep you and your family happy, comfortable and safe during your stay. Therefore, take the time to consider the different aspects mentioned above to make a more informed decision when choosing a screened tent.

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How to Find and Use Fresh Fruit Recipes for Camping

Fruit desserts for campingCamping can be a whole lot of fun for you and for the other people that go with you. However, it is important that you are properly prepared if you are going to have a positive experience while you are visiting the great outdoors.

Food is one of the most important considerations when you are planning a camping trip. It is essential that everyone is able to eat healthy foods in order to have the energy necessary for health and wellness. After all, nutrition is one of the most important things that folks need to survive. Along with hydration, these needs are near the top of the list for things to pack when camping.

Fresh fruit recipes can help to ensure that everyone is able to have delicious and nutritious foods while in the wild. You can find cookbooks with recipes or look online. Either way, you can find all kinds of recipes that you can use. Some that you might enjoy can be found here: Seasonal Eats

For instance, you can find fruit salad recipes that focus on using seasonal produce. These are simple and can store well if you don’t eat it all at the first sitting. Arizona offers plenty of delicious fruits to add to your menu. You can find out about them here: Arizona Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

You can chop it up as a topping for your camp cooked oats or other hot cereal or use it on your sandwiches to increase the nutritional value. Along with whole grain bread and a high-quality nut butter, you are sure to have a filling and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed by everyone who is with you on your trip.

These suggestions are just the start. Continue to expand your recipe list so that you are always prepared for having fruit on your camping trips. The nutritional value will be well appreciated!

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Effective Natural Cleaning Products For Your RV

cleaning the RVRVs can accumulate a good amount of dust and dirt from driving down the roads and parking in campgrounds. Hence, they require more cleaning than most other living spaces. It can be a is a real challenge to keep your RV clean at all times and no one wants to spend valuable vacation time scrubbing. You can get by with a quick cleaning job done regularly and there are products you can use that are effective and safe for you and your RV.
Bio Green Clean is an effective natural cleaning product in this regard. It is made of 100% pure ingredients that are 100% eco-friendly. The product comes as a ready-to-use solution which is pre-diluted at 3:1 water parts. It is ideal for cleaning most of the interior of your RV. If you want to clean the windows and vents of the RV, make sure you further dilute the solution at 10:1 water parts. The fiberglass exterior also can be easily cleaned with this solution.
Simple Green is another effective natural product for cleaning your RV. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly at the same time. The product doesn’t contain any dyes or scents and is ready to use as it is. The solution is ideal to remove stubborn stains such as pet stains and odors. You need to dilute the solution with water when cleaning the exterior of the RV. That will help protect the gloss coat of the exterior.
Baking soda and vinegar are inexpensive natural cleaning products for your RV. Together, they can handle almost all surfaces of the RV without any problem. Diluting vinegar with water will give you a great solution to clean the glasses and mirrors while adding a little water to baking soda gives a paste that can scrub the counters, shower, stove, and the tub of the RV. These are some of the most effective natural products to clean your RV.

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Tips On How To Remove A Splinter

tweezers to remove a splinterSplinters are painful and can be an unfortunate part of camping.

They can, however, happen to anyone, and there are a few things you need to know about how to get rid one as soon as possible. You don’t want it settling in and you don’t want to unnecessarily irritate the area. Here some things you can do to remove a splinter the quickest, easiest way possible.

1) Wash With Water (Gently)

The first step is to wash the area with water. Use a gentle motion so as not to cause irritation. Then dry thoroughly.

2) Create Baking Soda + Water Paste

Create a baking soda + warm water mix. This will serve to protect the area from infection and also to assist with removal of the splinter.

3) Apply To Area

You are going to take the paste and gently dab it around the area and on top of the splinter. Make sure it is all over the area and surrounding skin.

4) Wait 24 Hours Before Attempting Removal

The last step and the one you have to be careful with is going to involve removing the splinter. Take a tweezer and do this gently. Pull in the direction the splinter entered (you may want to have a small magnifying glass to assist with this) and gently remove the splinter from under the skin.

This simple remedy can be very effective in removing those annoying splinters before they become a problem for you.

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Fun Flashlight Games To Play With Kids

There are a lot of fun flashlight games you can play with kids. These games are great to play if you are out in the wilderness while camping or even at home. You can find out more here if you want to get started on learning more.

One game you can play is telling scary stories. This is where one person has the flashlight and shines it under their chin as they tell the story. Just be careful, because some kids cannot handle scary stories. You have to make sure that you pick a story that is age appropriate for everyone because if you do not want kids to get scared and not want to camp any longer. If the kids are way too young then you may just want to do stories around the campfire that are a little lighter in subject matter.

If you have small kids you can play a game where they try to catch the light wherever you shine it. You could shine the light further into the area where you are at and get them to run after it and shut the light off right when they get to it. Then, you could shine it somewhere else so they could run and try to catch you again. This is, of course, something that would only be more fun for little kids. If you have all the kids you could let them join in on the fun and have them control the flashlight. Just make sure the children are not led to any areas that are dangerous this way.

The flashlight games to play with kids you were just taught about are fun for the whole family. Kids love to play new games, and you can make them a camping tradition. Just make sure that you bring enough batteries so the fun can go on if they run out!

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Delicious Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes You’ll Love

iced teaThere’s nothing quite like sitting back in the summertime and sipping iced tea. These recipes are ideal for those idyllic summer days or even on camping trips.

Using either an iced tea jar or a mason jar fill your jar with fresh water. Once you have fresh water in your jar you can add in any of the following and create your own deliciously flavored teas.


*8 bags of your favorite herbal tea. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Other herbal teas of choice
Once you’ve added in your tea bags, you’re free to mix and match any of the following and create your own unique flavors. Mix and match the following as desired.


Thinly sliced lemons or limes
Thinly sliced oranges
Springs of mint, lemon verbena, lavender
Apple slices (slice thinly)


Sugar substitutes

Alcohol can add a grown up flavor to any tea. Add in a few shots of bourbon or vodka to give your tea an adult flair.

Lemonade is a natural addition to iced tea. If you are really into lemon flavors here is a great recipe to consider:

Use lemon or chamomile tea bags but use 1/2 of the water amount and use lemonade for the other half of the water.

Add in some thinly sliced lemon and garnish with lavender or mint. You could also add in some lavender syrup (or any other fruit syrup) for a unique taste treat.

Sweet tea is made using a basic recipe and adding in a bit extra sugar to taste. Consider using your favorite herbal tea and sugar with just a sprig of mint for a fresh sweet tea.

*Note: If using an iced tea jar add in 8 tea bags of your favorite herbal tea. If using Mason jars adjust accordingly for flavor.

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