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Campsite Cooking Checklist

Condiments for campingGetting away for some camping time in Arizona is good for you and for your relationships. You can finally enjoy some uninterrupted time outdoors and do some catching up with the people you love. Packing can be daunting for some but can be made much easier with a checklist. Here, we’ll discuss some of the things you’ll need for your camping kitchen.

You’ll be preparing plenty of meals while you’re camping, so having the right tools for the job will make everything easier. You might even want to put together a kitchen-designated box for all your camping kitchen gear. That way you just have to grab it and away you go.

The stove (think quality over price and carry something which is capable of doing cooking up great meals)

– Fuel for the stove

– Several pans and pots of varied sizes

– A pot grabber and heat resistant gloves

– Food packing containers

– Mugs and cups

– Plenty of matches or lighters

– Cutting boards

– Sharp knives

– Cutlery

– A can opener

– A bottle opener

– Foil

– Portable coffee brewer

-Paper towels, napkins, dishcloths, and washcloths

-Containers for condiments and spices

Of course our list is by no means exhaustive, there are many more utensils and items that are helpful for campsite cooking. You can add your own favorites to the list and then print it off. Keep it inside your kitchen camping gear box so you can make sure to always have the items you need, when you need them. Once returning home, quickly clean and dry it all and then pack it back in its box. Now you’re ready to go again at a moment’s notice.

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A Quick Checklist for Camping With Your Pet

Dogs love campingThere is just one thing that surpasses camping with family and friends and that’s camping with your beloved pet. Afterall, they are a part of the family, too.

You want you pet to enjoy the trip as much as you do and to feel comfortable wherever you happen to land at night. That’s why a checklist is a good idea to have. You can use it to double check and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything really important to their health and welfare.

Camping With Pets – The Checklist

ID tags together with your contact number. Also make sure you bring along their licenses and Veterinarian information. Shot records are a plus as well. You might make up a small purse or envelope to hold these documents just in case of emergency.

Collar, harness and lead (bring spares when you have them)

A cable leash (most campsites require pets to be on a leash, by bringing a 20 foot cable leash your pet can satisfy the camping rules while still obtaining the freedom to discover)

Poop scoop and bags

A stake to attach the dog’s leash to

Food, bowls and a lot of their favorite toys from home

A reflective collar or coat for evenings

A family pet emergency first aid kit

You can customize this list for each of your pets. Include their medications and favorite beds. Then print the lists off and keep them handy. Double check them before you leave to go camping or to travel on to your next destination. This level of preparedness will assure a safe and happy trip for the whole camping family.

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The Best Apps For Star Gazing When Camping

arizona night sky gazingIf you’re going on a camping trip alone, with friends or family, there are many fun activities you can enjoy. Well, if you’re a fan of astronomy, you can always enjoy a little star gazing while you’re camping. Here are some of the best star gazing apps you can use to make your experience phenomenal.

Created by Terminal Eleven, the app is free on both iOS and Android. The app uses your phone sensors and screen to create an augmented reality view of what’s actually in the sky. You can easily turn your tablets or smartphone into an AR viewfinder to identify planets, constellations and stars. You can also use the app to track any object in the sky and get more information on specific objects, satellites and planets. There’s also a time travel feature which you can use to view the sky in the past or in the future depending on the movement of each object.

Night Sky
Using the app, you can always view lots of stars, planets, satellites and constellations. If you connect the app to your Apple Watch, you can simply view the sky on your wrist. Hold up your watch to view any objects in the sky or view a celestial compass providing an overview of the objects available in the sky that particular night. There’s also a virtual view of the solar system where you can circle around to get the best view.

Sky Map
The app converts your smartphone or tablet into a mobile planetarium. The app uses the sensors on your mobile device to calculate your geographical position and use the information to display a detailed star map of where your device is pointed to the sky. The map provides useful information such as the constellations, names of planets and stars and much more.

We hope your Arizona camping night skies are filled with wonder and beauty and we look forward to seeing you around the RV park.

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A List of Southern Arizona Fall and Winter Activities

Arizona events for RVersArizona is humming with activity during the Fall and Winter months. Plenty of snowbirds arrive to warm their bones in the sun and get caught up with their camping and RVing friends at their favorite AZ parks. If you’re planning your trip and are interested in things that are happening in the area, we have a list of some events you might like to explore.

Tucson; All Souls Procession – This elaborate procession celebrates the Mexican Dia de los Muertos on November 6th. It honors the loved ones who have passed on with lots of vibrant costumes, floats, and food. You can find out more about it at All Souls Procession

Willcox; Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival – If you love nature and are interested at all in birding you will love this event. It is centered around honoring the more than 500 species of birds that visit the Wilcox area. They offer seminars, a Nature Expo, plenty of souvenirs, and a Kids Corner. Bring the family and get to know more about this wonderful world we live in from January 11-15th. You can learn more about it at Wings Over Wilcox.

Sierra Vista; Cochise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering – This is a memorable place to be on February 3-5th and you should grab some friends to bring along. It’s the 25th anniversary this year and they have lots of special activities planned. You’ll get to see all types of performing arts and plenty of your favorite artists. You can learn more at Cowboy Poets.

These are just a few of the things you can see and do when you winter-over in southeast Arizona. You can find more events by visiting Plenty of Southern Arizona Activities This Fall and Winter. We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful state and hope you enjoy your camping stay.



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Try Some Edible Container Gardening at Your Campsite

RV container gardenMany folks decide to grow edible plants in container gardens while camping and RVing. While it’s the same basic principle, it’s done in a different manner.

A lot of folks prefer container gardening for growing plants that are edible, so that’s what we’ll focus on here. It’s possible for you to grow a number of kinds of fruit, and many varieties of vegetables and herbs in containers.

Strawberries are just one fruit that grows especially well in several kinds of containers. Strawberries are usually fairly hardy, and may also be grown in special grow bags which can be hung on a wall outside. Many smaller dwarf citrus trees grow in pots and,if kept well-pruned, provide wonderful indoor ornamentation as well. Dwarf varieties of raspberries and blueberries grow nicely in containers.

Parsley is possibly the most popular herb for container growing. Chives and basil are also incredibly useful as well. Cilantro is an option if you’re someone who likes the flavor of it. Many of these herbs are fragrant, too, and can make the scents around your campsite very pleasant.

Really, just about any herb can be grown in containers. The key is planning for a big enough vessel. Some herbs can very quickly be grown in small containers such as Basil, parsley, and chives. However, some plants grow a bit bigger such as Sage. It can grow into quite a large bush. It requires a rather large pot if it is to do well for you. Oregano needs a big container, and also grows quite well.

Tomatoes are one of the most famous “vegetable” for home gardeners in general, although technically it is a fruit. Home grown tomatoes exceed their store-bought varieties by a mile.  The tomatoes in many grocery stores are picked green and artificially ripened. They haven’t had a chance to ripen on their own and develop the sweet, rich flavor we love. Cherry, grape, and Roma tomatoes are perfect for containers and can provide fresh eatings over a long period of time.

Other plants which are typically grown in containers are lettuce, cucumbers, squash, even beans, peas, carrots, radishes, scallions, all varieties of peppers, and sometimes even corn and potatoes. It really depends on how much room you have and how often you pack up and travel on in your RV.

The majority of your plants can quickly grow from seeds and can be sown directly into the pot. Be sure to plan for thinning, however, and be careful with them in their fragile state. You can transplant into larger pots when necessary and limit the number of plants you feel you have room for.

There is something about being able to grow some of your own food, even when you are camping, that is another advantage of being outdoors with nature. You don’t have to leave your garden behind when you are camping. You can bring much of it with you and even share with your camping friends.

You can find out more about the perfect edible plants for container gardening in AZ at




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An Emergency Kit For Your RV

RV Emergency SuppliesYour RV can take you to some amazing places and some of those places can be quiet secluded. That’s why it is smart to carry some RV emergency supplies with you. You’ll be prepared for any situation and less likely to end up stranded waiting for help.

Fire Extinguisher
Extra Fuses
Duct Tape
Oil, Transmission Fluid, Coolant, etc.
Bungee Cords/Tie Wire
A Good Pair of Gloves
Tow Strap
Electric Voltage Meter
Extra Blankets or Sleeping Bags
Jumper Cables

These are a few items to keep with you as you travel Arizona’s beautiful terrain. You’ll likely find yourself in deserts and mountain territory so it pays to be prepared. We hope you have a memorable experience and we look forward to seeing you in one of our member RV parks and campgrounds.

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Some Favorite Arizona Recipes For You To Love

southwest recipes camping in AZOne of the most unique things about camping and RVing in Arizona is its memorable flavor profile. If you’re coming from an eastern state you will certainly experience new flavors while you are here. In case you would like to make this fabulous southwestern food yourself, we’re providing some popular recipes for Arizona favorites for you to try.

Fry Bread Tacos
These will haunt you once you get a chance to experience them and you’ll find yourself yearning for more. They bring the old-style taco to a whole new level by replacing the traditional flour tortilla with the most heavenly fry-bread you’ve ever had. They are filling, though, so plan to take leftovers with you if you’re eating out. If you’re cooking them in the RV, we’d even have them for breakfast. Yum!!

You’ll need a few simple ingredients such as pinto beans, shredded cheese, picante sauce, taco seasoning mix, ground beef, flour, baking powder, salt, and some milk. You’ll fry up the bread and then top it with your taco fixin’s. Make extra – you really are going to be raiding the fridge tonight!

You can see the recipe at Allrecipes’ Fry Bread Tacos II

Sweet Onion Pie
This savory onion delight is encased in a buttery crust and crammed with sweet onions. I pairs especially well with pork. The crust is easy. You’ll be crumbling up some Ritz type crackers in butter and pressing it into a pie pan. The filling is a fragrant blend of onions sauted in butter and garlic. Add some beaten eggs, whole milk, chives and sprinkle with cheese and paprika. The whole neighborhood will be making excuses to stop by.

You can get the recipe at Allrecipes’ Sweet Onion Pie

This is a favorite in the southwest for something sweet after a deliciouls meal. They can be served with honey or cinnamon & sugar, or both! You’ll need flour, baking powder, salt, shortening, water, and some oil for frying. Once you make the dough and drop it into the hot oil, you can watch it turn golden brown and begin to puff up into little pastries. So, so, so good!

You can get the recipe at Allrecipes’ Sopapillas

If you’d like to make some of our other culinary treasures, you’ll find plenty of ideas at Allrecipes’ Arizona Recipes

You’re going to love the food in Arizona while you explore in your RV. Here’s your chance to make these memorable southwest meals for yourself and your family along the way.


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How to be a Good Camping Neighbor

camping etiquetteBeing a good camping neighbor is simple, really, and most people are very thoughtful when they are sharing camping space with others. There are a few things you can focus on to be a camper that other campers want to be around.

Keep it Clean – Do a regular sweep of your campsite and check for scraps of paper, make sure there isn’t any food left out to draw the attention of animals, and pick up any loose trash that has escaped the bin. Leave your campsite as you found it just the way you’d appreciate other campers leaving it for you.

Arrive Early – Give yourself extra time to arrive and set up your campsite before nightfall. It’s much easier to set up in daylight and no one wants to make a late night run to the store for missing tent stakes or other things needed before you can tuck in for the night. You also won’t have to disrupt your neighbors with setting up at night.

Walk Around Your Neighbor’s Campsite – It may seem like a practical shortcut to walk across instead of around your neighbor’s campsite but most campers don’t appreciate it. It’s best to go around the campsite and not cut across.

Use Your Quiet Voices After 10:00 – It’s surprising how far sound can travel in the night air. Once the campground begins to settle down for the night it is neighborly to keep your voices low if you remain around the campfire.

Say Hello – Campers are friendly people and they enjoy getting to know other campers in the area. It’s fun to find out where people are from and learn a little about them. Go ahead and introduce yourself when you’re making your way around the campground. Say hello in the laundromat or as you’re shopping in the campground store. You never know when you’ll meet someone you can become friends with and share some fun camping time with.


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Cabin Camping in Arizona

Arizona Cabin RentalsNot everyone who camps in Arizona needs to have a tent or an RV. There are some truly lovely cabins available at our member RV parks and campgrounds that can be rented and can make that camping trip an easy and relaxing one.

The benefits of cabin camping is that you can sleep in a real bed, under a real roof, and you don’t have to invest in a lot of camping gear to make it happen. Some come completely furnished right down to dishes and linens and others provide the furnishings and you bring your linens, toiletries and food.

Renting a cabin is a good idea when you want to try camping but are not sure if it is your cup of tea and are reluctant to invest until you’re sure you’ll like it. It’s also beneficial if you have RVing or camping friends you’d like to join for a few days but you don’t have the gear.

Cabins are easy in that you just pull in and unpack. Soon you’re out in the park having fun and enjoying the amenities that are offered. When your trip is over you don’t have to haul a trailer home or take down a tent. You just pack up your belongings and head on down the road.

We find it is a great testing ground for new campers. It’s a comfortable way to get used to the camping environment as you learn how to light a camfire, make S’mores, and start meeting people. Cabin camping can take the burden of how to manage camping gear off your mind and allow you to focus on the camping experience with your family. Some people then move on to purchase their own camping equipment while others continue to be cabin campers their whole lives.

There really is a camping style for everyone and if you haven’t tried renting a cabin yet you should give it a go. You may find you really enjoy it and want to continue for many years to come. You can find some beautiful cabin getaways at our member parks. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

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Hot Chocolate Recipes You Have to Taste to Believe

Hot chocolateOne of the best part of the winter months is that it means hot chocolate season has come back for a visit. It’s the time to snuggle up with a warm cup of creamy chocolate goodness whether you’re in Phoenix or Flagstaff, you’ll still enjoy the experience. You can jazz up the traditional recipe if you’re feeling adventurous and some of these just may become a new family favorite.

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate – We’re passed the holiday season but our mouths don’t know it and will welcome the taste of peppermint and chocolate. You’ll be using cream, sugar, milk, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate chips, and peppermint chips. Oh, so good!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with Cream Cheese Whipped Cream – Oh, my, can you even imagine? You’ll need whole milk, chocolate chips, sugar, red food coloring, heavy whipping cream, and whipped cream cheese at room temp. It will all come together pretty quickly and you’ll be enjoying a little bit of heaven in no time.

You can find more recipes at 16 Sinful Hot Chocolate Recipes You Have to Try. Go ahead and check them out. You can thank us later.

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