Make camping in Arizona a tradition year after year!

Enjoy some of the most exciting highways and byways in the country.  But don’t just drive it … stop and experience all that we have to offer.

When you think of Arizona, you may instinctively picture canyons, but the Grand Canyon state is so much more.  Our state is characterized by geographical diversity, including snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers, serene lakes, and saguaro-studded deserts. This diversity also translates to the culture, established with a unique fusion of Native American and Mexican influence.

Such a unique state is the perfect destination for travelers all year round, as each season is mild and the attractions thrilling.  Whether you want to get outdoors to hike, bike, run or improve your golfing and baseball skills, the unique landscape of Arizona provides the perfect backdrop for getting in touch with nature.  Our member RV Parks and Campgrounds accommodate every need and style of camper.

Our association includes senior resorts, remote campgrounds and family friendly RV Parks.  Kick back on vacation as a knowledgeable and friendly staff takes care of your lodging needs and discover all the sites, services and events you want to explore.

Scott Swanson
President, AZ ARVC


Discover why Arizona is unforgettable!