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If you find yourself frequently replacing your dead RV battery there may be an underlying problem you can fix instead. It will save you frustration and cash; two good reasons to look into it.

Mark Polk, of RV Education 101, wrote an article for the Go RVing blog which addresses some of the potential causes for this type of frequent RV battery failure. He lists the following as the most common causes for a dead battery:

  • Sulfation
  • Parasitic Loads
  • Self-Discharging
  • Overcharging
  • Undercharging
  • Lack of Maintenance

He states that sulfation is the most likely cause of most battery failure. A battery in a low-charge state can collect large sulfates and ruin the battery. The fix is to perform regular recharging on a discharged battery.

There may be other factors at play, however, and Mark goes into detail about each of them. It’s an article worth reading and a good investment of your time. We want your camping stay in Arizona to be as worry free as possible so check out Mark’s RV battery tips and learn how to avoid that dreaded dead battery.

Mark Polk; Not Another Dead Battery!

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