Pet Friendly RV Park AZ

Travel Snacks for Your Pets

dogs treats for campingTraveling with your fur-kids can make the whole trip even more enjoyable. They love to see new sights and meet new people just as much as you do. New foods, however, can be hard on their little tummies so bringing their favorites along with you is your best bet for a successful trip.

You can begin by carrying bottled water for your pets. Each area you visit will have different water quality and can be one of the first things to upset their stomachs. Having water of consistent quality will keep their stomachs settled.

Some healthy, natural treats that you can bring along are brown rice (you can pack it in ice cube trays and freeze – they will love it on a hot day), Sweet red peppers, slices of cooked pumpkin or sweet potato (try making them on the grill and you’ll love them too), apples that have been cored and the seeds removed, carrots, cauliflower, and mild cheese chunks are a big hit, too.

Bring enough of their regular pet food to feed them for the duration of your trip. You won’t have to switch their food or try to find their brand in an unfamiliar area. All of the treats can be packed in a nice little box especially for them. We’ve seen people use all types of containers, even plastic lidded tackle boxes which work well due to the multiple small sections to hold their treats.

You can make your own dog treats by using some of the recipes at 12 Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats. There, you’ll find a broad variety of flavors your pets will enjoy; even the picky eaters of the bunch. Hopefully, these ideas will give you all you need for keeping your pet happy, healthy, and having a memorable trip with the family.

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RVing With Pets

Arizona RVing with petsYour pets are beloved family members so we want to help you make their RVing experience as good as it can possibly be. There are a few things you can do to set the stage and we will share some of the top ones we’ve learned here.

Keep Them Close
Each new environment can be intimidating for your pet so keeping them close to you and not leaving them alone for long can help. There are new smells, strange noises, and other animals in the new neighborhood. It’s enough to make a sensitive dog pretty nervous. If you have to leave them alone you should try to make it for very short periods of time. Make sure they have their favorite toys to keep them busy and plenty of food and water.

Bring Plenty Of Their Food Along With You
Pets’ tummies can get upset when they eat a new brand of food so making sure you have lots of their typical fare on hand will help avoid digestion problems. If you see you are running out be sure to slowly integrate a new food mixed with their usual food and increase the ratio slowly. This will help them adjust to the new meals without experiencing any gastro-intestinal problems.

Keep Them Leashed Whenever Outside The Rig
This new place offers things to chase or can induce fear which could make your pet run. We’ve seen too many animals dash off into the unknown and the heartache of a pet owner who is trying to find their little runaway. Most RV parks require a leash for you pet but using it in all areas of your travel is a good idea.

Carry Shot Records and Medication
You never know what can happen so having your pet’s shot records on hand for a new Veterinarian can speed things along and avoid medical errors. Bring an extra supply of your pet’s medications just in case you get delayed before returning home. Be aware that allergies can pop up in a new environment so bring along the things your pet will need in that situation.

You and your pet will have the time of your lives, especially if you set the stage. Have you made your reservations yet? Be sure to visit Go Camping Arizona for the best RV parks and campgrounds to host your RVing family on your next trip.

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Sunscreen For Dogs

dog sunscreenAt this point in time, most people understand the value of sunscreen and the need to protect themselves and their family members from the UV radiation the sun is always producing. A surprising fact that still needs to be spread around is that many pets can benefit from sunscreen too.

Fur provides a small measure of protection from UV rays, but it is a long way from impenetrable. Dogs, like humans, can get a skin burn from over-exposure to UV radiation, and they may also develop skin cancer as a result of chronic exposure. Your pet will thank you if you invest a little effort in picking out an appropriate sunscreen product!

The first step you need to take is to look for products which are specifically formulated for use by pets. An excellent way to get started is to ask your veterinarian for advice. If you’re dealing with a limited selection, it’s generally safe to use a human sunscreen that’s designed to be used safely on infants.

Most commercial sunscreens rely on zinc oxide as one of their key active ingredients. This poses a problem because zinc oxide is toxic if your dog eats it. Check sunscreen labels thoroughly to confirm that your pet’s sunscreen does not contain it.

This is not the only potential problem ingredient to watch out for! Dogs might also experience allergic reactions to other ingredients. Even after selecting a pet-appropriate sunscreen product, you should first test it by applying a small amount to a limited area. After making a test application, monitor your dog’s behavior closely to see if there are any adverse reactions.

Once you’ve found a product that suits your dog, you’re ready for fun in the sun! Remember that dogs don’t need complete skin coverage to be safe. Apply sunscreen to the parts of your dog’s body that are going to receive maximum sun exposure when he or she plays outdoors.

We want you and your pets to enjoy the Arizona sunshine without getting burned and happy camping to all.

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