The Best Apps For Star Gazing When Camping

The Best Apps For Star Gazing When Camping

arizona night sky gazingIf you’re going on a camping trip alone, with friends or family, there are many fun activities you can enjoy. Well, if you’re a fan of astronomy, you can always enjoy a little star gazing while you’re camping. Here are some of the best star gazing apps you can use to make your experience phenomenal.

Created by Terminal Eleven, the app is free on both iOS and Android. The app uses your phone sensors and screen to create an augmented reality view of what’s actually in the sky. You can easily turn your tablets or smartphone into an AR viewfinder to identify planets, constellations and stars. You can also use the app to track any object in the sky and get more information on specific objects, satellites and planets. There’s also a time travel feature which you can use to view the sky in the past or in the future depending on the movement of each object.

Night Sky
Using the app, you can always view lots of stars, planets, satellites and constellations. If you connect the app to your Apple Watch, you can simply view the sky on your wrist. Hold up your watch to view any objects in the sky or view a celestial compass providing an overview of the objects available in the sky that particular night. There’s also a virtual view of the solar system where you can circle around to get the best view.

Sky Map
The app converts your smartphone or tablet into a mobile planetarium. The app uses the sensors on your mobile device to calculate your geographical position and use the information to display a detailed star map of where your device is pointed to the sky. The map provides useful information such as the constellations, names of planets and stars and much more.

We hope your Arizona camping night skies are filled with wonder and beauty and we look forward to seeing you around the RV park.

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