A Quick Checklist for Camping With Your Pet

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Dogs love campingThere is just one thing that surpasses camping with family and friends and that’s camping with your beloved pet. Afterall, they are a part of the family, too.

You want you pet to enjoy the trip as much as you do and to feel comfortable wherever you happen to land at night. That’s why a checklist is a good idea to have. You can use it to double check and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything really important to their health and welfare.

Camping With Pets – The Checklist

ID tags together with your contact number. Also make sure you bring along their licenses and Veterinarian information. Shot records are a plus as well. You might make up a small purse or envelope to hold these documents just in case of emergency.

Collar, harness and lead (bring spares when you have them)

A cable leash (most campsites require pets to be on a leash, by bringing a 20 foot cable leash your pet can satisfy the camping rules while still obtaining the freedom to discover)

Poop scoop and bags

A stake to attach the dog’s leash to

Food, bowls and a lot of their favorite toys from home

A reflective collar or coat for evenings

A family pet emergency first aid kit

You can customize this list for each of your pets. Include their medications and favorite beds. Then print the lists off and keep them handy. Double check them before you leave to go camping or to travel on to your next destination. This level of preparedness will assure a safe and happy trip for the whole camping family.

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