Campfire Songs for Kids

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The next best thing to eating S’mores around the campfire with Mom and Dad is joining in on some fun campfire songs for kids. Pretty soon everyone is laughing and clapping hands while trying to remember the words from our old favorites. There are plenty to choose from and most can be sung, at least in part, by even the littlest of the family, with their catchy tunes and rhythms.

If you find you’re having a hard time thinking of what songs you used to enjoy singing when you were a kid or what songs your kids might like now, we have a list to get you started. This playlist from The Learning Station on YouTube is a great start.

You can pull these up on your phone and get the family to join in. there is Herman the Worm, The Cat Came Back, You Are My Sunshine, and several more.

Here’s Herman the Worm, which most kids really love to sing along.

And here’s a fun one to get them moving along with the song.
A Camping We Will Go.

And you know they’ll love the Hokey Pokey!


We hope the whole family has a great time around the campfire this year. Be sure to teach them the ones you loved as a kid, too. They’ll love it and you’ll have more fun than you can even imagine with your crazy little bunch of campers this year.

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