Caring For Your Camping Air Mattress

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camping air mattressAir mattresses have been a staple of the camping checklist for years. They are inexpensive, compact for storing, and comfortable to sleep on. They do have their faults and you might find yourself sinking into the middle of the mattress during the night after a sharp rock pokes a hole in the vinyl, but all in all, they are worth having around.

Bringing along an air mattress on your camping trip should be easy. To properly prepare your air mattress for a journey, you have to open the valves of the mattress first and roll it up to squeeze out the air inside. To make sure that there is no more excess air inside your mattress, close the valve and roll it up again. Once ¾ of the mattress is already rolled up, you can now unblock the opening. You can repeat these two easy steps until you think that there is no more air inside. Remember to pack the pad carefully to avoid your mattress from getting punctured by a sharp thing.

After arriving at your destination, your first task is to set up your camp. If you have an air mattress, it is a must to inspect the area first before setting up your pad. There might be sharp rocks or other materials that damage your mattress. And last but not the least, it is recommended to store your mattress in a cold, dry and dark place away from any sharp objects.

You should consider carrying a patch kit along with you. You never know when you might need to patch a hole or tear in order to get a good night’s sleep and can’t wait until you return home.

An air mattress is a good option for hikers and campers who cannot afford to carry heavy bags while on their adventure. Being aware of these simple care tips will let you keep away from any trouble while camping. With proper usage and storage, your air mattress can be used for years.

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