Delicious Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes You’ll Love

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iced teaThere’s nothing quite like sitting back in the summertime and sipping iced tea. These recipes are ideal for those idyllic summer days or even on camping trips.

Using either an iced tea jar or a mason jar fill your jar with fresh water. Once you have fresh water in your jar you can add in any of the following and create your own deliciously flavored teas.


*8 bags of your favorite herbal tea. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Other herbal teas of choice
Once you’ve added in your tea bags, you’re free to mix and match any of the following and create your own unique flavors. Mix and match the following as desired.


Thinly sliced lemons or limes
Thinly sliced oranges
Springs of mint, lemon verbena, lavender
Apple slices (slice thinly)


Sugar substitutes

Alcohol can add a grown up flavor to any tea. Add in a few shots of bourbon or vodka to give your tea an adult flair.

Lemonade is a natural addition to iced tea. If you are really into lemon flavors here is a great recipe to consider:

Use lemon or chamomile tea bags but use 1/2 of the water amount and use lemonade for the other half of the water.

Add in some thinly sliced lemon and garnish with lavender or mint. You could also add in some lavender syrup (or any other fruit syrup) for a unique taste treat.

Sweet tea is made using a basic recipe and adding in a bit extra sugar to taste. Consider using your favorite herbal tea and sugar with just a sprig of mint for a fresh sweet tea.

*Note: If using an iced tea jar add in 8 tea bags of your favorite herbal tea. If using Mason jars adjust accordingly for flavor.

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