Going AZ Camping? What’s The Best Lantern To Take Along?

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Lantern for campingIf you ever choose to go camping in the woods, then having an outdoor camping lantern is going to provide you a helpful source of power. Lanterns are obviously useful for lighting up your interior camping space. Actually, non-gas models are safe around children and can light up your camping space even when the weather is stormy. Many modern camping lanterns also sport additional benefits that your parents would never have dreamed of, including USB ports that charge smartphones, among others. There are a great number of critical factors to consider when sifting through all the lantern choices on the modern market.

The weight of any lantern is rather important when it comes time to carry camping equipment from one place to the next. Some lanterns, actually many of them in fact, weigh from a single pound to about three pounds. Alternatively, a lantern running off of D-cell batteries might have another pound of weight. Know what weight you and your group are comfortable with when picking a model for your upcoming camping trip.

Another consideration is the hours of operation the lantern gives you. Hand-crank and solar-powered lanterns have less operating time. Battery-powered models last longer in this department. Thankfully, many lanterns have a feature where you can tweak settings and make adjustments. Lowering the right settings means you can conserve the available energy. How bright the light output is, along with other available features, round out the list of your considerations when shopping for the best lantern for your next camping trip.

Camping lanterns are popular items, and the current marketplace has many models from different manufacturers. A number of considerations go into your decision, including weight, hours of operation, power source, brightness, and additional features.

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