Organizing Your Group Camping

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group camping in ArizonaCamping and RVing is enjoyed most with family and friends. Many people enjoy getting together in groups and sharing the experience of a fun vacation at camp. This may be for family reunions or be made up of people who enjoy similar activities such as scouting, motorcycling, or RVers from the same state. It can be a memorable time and there are steps you can take to make sure it is.

Designate a Leader: Name one person to do most of the coordinating and to be the one to communicate with your chosen campground. This reduces duplication and confusion. The person can gather the list for each reservation such as name, type of camping unit, hook ups needed, and dates of arrival and departure. They can give this information to the campground and individuals can then contact the park to pay for their own reservation.

Each RV park and campground has their own way that works best so have your leader contact them first to find out how they’d like you to handle it.

The leader can create an itinerary and duty schedule. They can create a list of items each person should bring. You won’t need everyone to bring the larger items so distribute these things to reduce how much gear ends up at your campsites.

You might even consider creating a private Facebook group for the trip. It could help you to keep everyone up to date on how the plans are coming out and if anything is needed.

It’s fun to join together at one campsite each night and enjoy a campfire. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people or catch up with distant family members. There’s a reason why people enjoy group camping and you only have to experience it once or twice to understand.




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