Williams, Zinman & Parham P.C. Supports Arizona ARVC Members

Melissa Parham

While ARVC does a great job monitoring state and federal regulations involving campgrounds and RV parks across the country, the Scottsdale-based law firm of Williams, Zinman & Parham P.C. supports Arizona ARVC members with limited free landlord-tenant assistance as well as specialized paid services.

“If an ARVC member is referred to me by the association, I’ll normally communicate with the member and give them my thoughts on simple matters if I know the answer without having to perform legal research, or if they simply need certain simple legal forms to use,” Parham said.

“But if it turns into a court case or involves research or preparation or review of documents, I always need a retainer agreement and charge for that.  Our fees are quite reasonable.”

One case Parham recently resolved at no charge involved an association member who had a bad tenant and wasn’t sure how to remove him.

“The park believed the tenant was dealing drugs and the park really didn’t know what to do. The police wouldn’t do anything. It turned out that the tenant was a short-term RV space renter on a month-to-month lease and the park operator was able to get him out with a simple 10-day non-renewal notice,” Parham said, adding that the tenant vacated after receiving the notice so an eviction wasn’t necessary.

Parham has also provided paid legal services for many Arizona ARVC members to help them resolve a variety of problems or legal liability issues at their parks.

One recent case involved a 55+ RV park with a tenant whose underage son was living with her. “The son was causing a lot of problems in the community, such as passing out drunk in the clubhouse while barely clothed and vaguely threatening other tenants while being extremely intoxicated. The tenant was on a long-term RV space lease, so a 10-day non-renewal wasn’t possible. We ended up serving the tenant with a 14/30 termination notice for the son’s behavior and filing an eviction action. We prevailed and were able to remove both the mother and son from the community.”

Another specialized case involved an association member who rents out parking spaces for travelers to use while they visit Mexico. “He had a lot of people who would come to his park and pay to park their cars there while they went to Mexico or other places,” Parham said, adding that she created a short-term parking space storage/rental agreement for the park owner to use with his Mexico-bound visitors.

If you have a legal question for Melissa Parham, you can email her at me*****@wz******.com.




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