Some Tips for Tent Camping in AZ

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Tent Camping AZTent camping can be a back-to-nature and enjoy-being-unplugged experience for the seasoned camper. It can also be a little intimidating for the new camper. We’d like you to get the most out of the adventure so thought we’d share a few tips to make this tent camping trip your best ever.

Rainfly – this is an important part of your tent camping equipment. The rainfly drapes over the top of your tent and keeps you, your tent, and your gear from getting wet in the event of a rain storm. It will typically cover the windows and doors so you can leave them open for air circulation.

Setup – you should have a practice run (or two) before your camping trip so you are familiar with how to assemble your tent. Each will have its own unique configuration so read the instructions and give it a go.

Location – once you have your campsite, make sure to pitch your tent on the highest point. It should be flat and free of debris. This will keep you above any water accumulation if you have rain. And lay a pad or tarp beneath your tent, that is just slightly smaller than the edges of your tent. This will keep sharp stones from poking through to you and will keep water from creating puddles around the edges of your tent.

Bring a mallet or hammer to drive the stakes. You’ll run into all types of ground that you need to push the stakes into and using a rock as a hammering device will probably not be helpful. When it’s time to pack up, be sure to shake your tent out well and make sure it is good and dry before storing for the long-term. This will prevent any damage in storage and extend the life of your new favorite camping vehicle.

We hope you have a memorable time camping in your tent. It can be a fantastic way to get outside and enjoy the world. Be sure to check out our member parks for the perfect place to stay next time you plan your camping vacation.

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