Tips For Backing Up Your RV Trailer

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Backing up your RV trailerYou’ve probably heard lots of suggestions by now; easy hacks for backing up your trailer. It can be quite confusing when you’re trying to envision what the Good Samaritan is trying to tell you about the best way to back up. We’ve heard things like:

*Follow the trailer. Make the truck turn the way the trailer is headed.

*Instead of putting your hands at 10 and 2, put your hands at 8 and 4. It reverses the reverse that happens with trailers.

*Turn the wheel toward the mirror you want the trailer to exit

*The trailer will go in the direction your hood is facing

*Buy a backup camera

*And “rent a cabin” 😉

Some of these take more time trying to imagine them in your mind than it would take to actually get the trailer placed onsite. We know it’s a challenge, especially for new RVers. But the seasoned RVers experience it as well when they buy a new rig. It always involves a learning curve.

Hopefully, you’ll get some insight by watching this video. It sometimes helps to see things done rather than try to imagine how they would be done. We know you’re going to love your time RVing in Arizona so we want to help you get in and set up as safely as possible. Then you can get out and enjoy all this fine state has to offer.

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