Try Some Edible Container Gardening at Your Campsite

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RV container gardenMany folks decide to grow edible plants in container gardens while camping and RVing. While it’s the same basic principle, it’s done in a different manner.

A lot of folks prefer container gardening for growing plants that are edible, so that’s what we’ll focus on here. It’s possible for you to grow a number of kinds of fruit, and many varieties of vegetables and herbs in containers.

Strawberries are just one fruit that grows especially well in several kinds of containers. Strawberries are usually fairly hardy, and may also be grown in special grow bags which can be hung on a wall outside. Many smaller dwarf citrus trees grow in pots and,if kept well-pruned, provide wonderful indoor ornamentation as well. Dwarf varieties of raspberries and blueberries grow nicely in containers.

Parsley is possibly the most popular herb for container growing. Chives and basil are also incredibly useful as well. Cilantro is an option if you’re someone who likes the flavor of it. Many of these herbs are fragrant, too, and can make the scents around your campsite very pleasant.

Really, just about any herb can be grown in containers. The key is planning for a big enough vessel. Some herbs can very quickly be grown in small containers such as Basil, parsley, and chives. However, some plants grow a bit bigger such as Sage. It can grow into quite a large bush. It requires a rather large pot if it is to do well for you. Oregano needs a big container, and also grows quite well.

Tomatoes are one of the most famous “vegetable” for home gardeners in general, although technically it is a fruit. Home grown tomatoes exceed their store-bought varieties by a mile.  The tomatoes in many grocery stores are picked green and artificially ripened. They haven’t had a chance to ripen on their own and develop the sweet, rich flavor we love. Cherry, grape, and Roma tomatoes are perfect for containers and can provide fresh eatings over a long period of time.

Other plants which are typically grown in containers are lettuce, cucumbers, squash, even beans, peas, carrots, radishes, scallions, all varieties of peppers, and sometimes even corn and potatoes. It really depends on how much room you have and how often you pack up and travel on in your RV.

The majority of your plants can quickly grow from seeds and can be sown directly into the pot. Be sure to plan for thinning, however, and be careful with them in their fragile state. You can transplant into larger pots when necessary and limit the number of plants you feel you have room for.

There is something about being able to grow some of your own food, even when you are camping, that is another advantage of being outdoors with nature. You don’t have to leave your garden behind when you are camping. You can bring much of it with you and even share with your camping friends.

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